About us

Rosenfeld Industrial Packaging supplies Metal Packages, Glass and Plastic Packages more than 20 years. We provide professional, courteous and quality services to leading companies in the food, paint, chemical, oil and detergent industries. The company's employees have a rich experience in packaging and product designs.


Rosenfeld Industrial Packaging ensures the products' long term quality. The packages are produced under strict quality control in compliance with international quality standards and with the Israeli Standard Institute's requirements.


Rosenfeld Industrial Packaging invests great resources to be in the front line of innovation in the packaging industry while answering our clients' needs.


Accomodate the Client
The great variety of Rosenfeld Industrial Packaging products are perfectly matched to the clients' needs. We provide professional and courteous service starting from matching the package to the product, through the graphic designs and up until the final package is delivered to the client.


Variety of Products
Rosenfeld Industrial Packaging has a wide variety of packages including metal packages, metal packages for food, tin cans, metal packages for oil, metal packages for paint, metal packages for thinners, Aerosols, glassglass jar, glass bottleglass bottle for beer, glass bottle for wine, twist off caps, plastic packages, plastic packages for paint, plastic packages for food, plastic caps, plastic jars, all in a wide range of shapes and sizes starting at 100 cc and all the way through 27000 cc.